Canarian people celebrate their national day dressed in traditional costumes and dancing in the plaza in Alcala, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. 30th May is the anniversary of the Canary Islands becoming an autonomos community within Spain, and is celebrated annually
Canarian National Day-4257Canarian National Day-4259Canarian National Day-4264Canarian National Day-4265Canarian National Day-4269Canarian National Day-4272Canarian National Day-4277Canarian National Day-4280Canarian National Day-4281Canarian National Day-4295Canarian National Day-4303Canarian National Day-4311Canarian National Day-4317Canarian National Day-4326Canarian National Day-4335Canarian National Day-4337Canarian National Day-4344Canarian National Day-4353Canarian National Day-4360Canarian National Day-4369

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