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Learn from a professional photographer with over 25 years experience.

All classes can be 1 on 1 tuition or in small groups up to a maximum of 8 people.

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Basic skills: If you only use the "Auto" or "Program" setting and want to know how to get to grips with all that your camera offers then a basic skills class is what you need. Learn how to use ISO, Aperture, Shutter speeds & Exposure compensation and take more control over your camera. Half day or full day classes can be organised where you learn the theory and then we get out and put it into practice. 

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Beyond the basics: You know your camera's controls intimately because you have done a Basic skills class or you've learnt the basics yourself, then this course is a great way to expand your creativity. A practical class where we concentrate on the subjects you want to photograph looking at focal length, creative use of colour/black & white, composition, use of light, etc. to get you creating images with more impact. Half day, full day or longer term classes can be organised, with emphasis on particular subject areas, ie: Landscape, Portraiture, Reportage, etc. 

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Photographic tours: Half day or Full day trips out to selected areas on the island where I will assist you to make the best use of the available light, give advise on composition and technical aspects to help you get some great photographs. 

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Custom designed tuition:  You tell me where you want to take your photography and I will tailor make a class/course to help you along the path to achieving your goals.

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