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Images from trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Siem Rep and Angkor Wat temples
Viet_Cam_Border-0204Viet_Cam_Border-0192Viet_Cam_Border-0194Viet_Cam_Border-0197Phnom Penh-0214Viet_Cam_Border-0210Phnom Penh-0212Phnom Penh-0224Phnom Penh-0225Phnom Penh-0229Phnom Penh-0231Phnom Penh-0253Phnom Penh-0245Phnom Penh-0282Phnom Penh-0287Phnom Penh-0288Phnom Penh-0249Phnom Penh-0279Phnom Penh-0304Phnom Penh-0299

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