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Photography documentary of the Costa Adeje municipality during the Covid 19 State of Emergency lockdown, through the various de-escalation phases, March to June 2020. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Adeje de-escalation-5671Adeje de-escalation-5669Adeje de-escalation-5664Adeje de-escalation-5663Adeje de-escalation-5661Adeje de-escalation-5652Adeje de-escalation-5650Adeje de-escalation-5643Adeje de-escalation-5642Adeje de-escalation-5641Adeje de-escalation-5639Beach, Tenerife-5632Beach, Tenerife-5623Adeje de-escalation-5608Beach, Tenerife-5560Beach, Tenerife-5543Beach, Tenerife-5532Adeje de-escalation-5529Adeje de-escalation-5523Beach, Tenerife-5509

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