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Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, in the Aftermath of the Covid 19 lockdown. Images in a time of practically zero tourism with hotels gradually reopening, most shops and restaurants shut, the few that are open struggling to attract some local residents and any tourists that are slowly returning since the airport opened again.
San Juan-6104San Juan-6102San Juan-6100Plaza del Duque-8516Plaza del Duque-8509Plaza del Duque-8507Plaza del Duque-8502Plaza del Duque-8498Plaza del Duque-8494Plaza del Duque-8493Plaza del Duque-8483Plaza del Duque-8479Plaza del Duque-8475Plaza del Duque-8469Plaza del Duque-8458Plaza del Duque-8454Plaza del Duque-8451Plaza del Duque-8445Plaza del Duque-8439Plaza del Duque-8434

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