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Keywords:Andy McLeod, Director of Photography, brexit project, british, canary islands, environmental portraits, expat, film canary islands, las chafiras, portrait, portraits, studio, tenerife
Andy McLeod-8708

Andy McLeod-8708

Andy McLeod, Director of Photography at Film Canary Islands in the studio, Las Chafiras, Tenerife.
Andy McLeod.
Living on Tenerife 2001.
Director of Photography at Film Canary Islands

Andy has a daughter born to his previous partner who is German and the daughter has a German passport, although she is also entitled to a UK passport.
His current partner is Polish and he has 2 Polish stepchildren.
Being European has given opportunities to have a multicultural family, and he feels that Brexit is swimming against the tide. He wonders what would happen if he had to return to the UK, (although he has no intentions of doing so), how would his family be treated?
Brexit is being driven by nostalgia for a Britain that no longer exists, similar to those who in the photography and film industry are harking back to the days of analog and denying the advances made in the digital world.
The Canaries is a real melting pot of different cultures which has been enabled by freedom of movement within Europe.