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Karen Cochrane Hall-8734

Karen Cochrane Hall-8734

Karen Cochrane Hall owner of Tara Biz Condado, Tax consultancy, property conveyancing, Community administrator, Business coach, Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

Resident on Tenerife since 1986
Owner at TaraBiz Condado, Administrator of fincas/Accountant/Business coach since 1994.
Born in Northern Ireland but has a Spanish passport

Karen stood as a candidate in the 2015 local elections as a “European Councillor” with the CCN party, and strongly believes that “We are one”
She does not believe that Brexit will affect her business and has noticed an increase in Brits buying properties here.
The system here could become more complicated after Brexit, especially with regards to those who take advantage and are trying to be in both camps, ie: living in Tenerife and with a base in the UK. They will be forced to regularise their situation, and become legally resident on Tenerife.