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Hannah_Vicki Proverbs Howe-6668

Hannah_Vicki Proverbs Howe-6668

Hannah and Vicki Proverbs Howe(L-R), At their bar cafe, Deli on the Hill in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife.
Hannah Proverbs Howe, seated.
Vicki Proverbs Howe, standing.

Been resident on Tenerife since Sept 2011.
Opened Deli on the Hill, bar/cafe in June 2012.

Re Brexit....

They don't think that they affects will be as dramatic as most people think, although they feel personally devastated by what they see as a “sinister and horrible event”, and feel that expat Brits may be seen as outsiders by the local Canarians. There were various jokey comments soon after the vote when Canarians were saying that they would now have to pack up and leave.

As far as their business goes they don't think there will be a big change, although they might see more international clients in the mix with the British residents and holidaymakers who are their main clients now, with a sprinkling of Germans and Scandinavian holidaymakers. There could also be complications for expat employees, needing visas/work permits.

It might become more difficult to buy property in Tenerife as a British citizen and there might possibly be a situation whereby British children of current owners may sell off their parents properties after inheriting them as it could be too complicated to keep them.