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Janet Anscombe-8466

Janet Anscombe-8466

Janet Anscombe, blogger at In Tenerife, Ancient historian and retired University lecturer, in the Plaza de España, Adeje.
Janet Anscombe.
Blogger at In Tenerife
Resident on Tenerife since 2004

"I think that those of us who have been in Spain, or any other EU country, legally for more than five years will be fine because our rights to permanent residence should be protected, though the extent of associated rights like healthcare, pension increases, etc., will need to be negotiated and like many others I'm concerned about how much we'll be affected in those respects. In practical terms, I run an advice, information and news website, and have already seen a large jump in enquiries, and I expect this to increase as the negotiations process goes on: it will mean more work for me but hopefully I will at least be able to provide accurate information to those who are worried or confused. Mainly though, my reaction is an emotional one. I feel European, and have family living in Germany, Belgium, and Austria, so to me, it is impossible to conceive of the UK not being a full member of Europe politically as well as geographically. I wanted the UK to remain in the EU but faced with the reality now we just have to try to make the best of it. I just feel immensely saddened by the referendum result and hope it won't turn out to be as much of a disaster for the UK as I fear it will be."