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Stephen Mc Kenna-6977

Stephen Mc Kenna-6977

Stephen Gerald Mc Kenna owner of The Chicken Shack restaurant in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife
Stephen Gerald Mc Kenna

Resident on Tenerife since 1983
Opened The Chickenshack restaurant in 1997
Was a local councillor for the PP party from 2007 – 2015.

When he first came here there were restrictions on what work foreigners could do and that did not stop many Brits coming and working in the tourist industry.

He doesn't believe it will have any financial impact on his business or personal life here.
Not worried about any increases in import costs as all his supplies are locally sourced, chicken and salads.

Swallows and tourists from Britain will continue to come no matter the outcome of Brexit as they want sun and warmth in the winter. The only difference he sees is that they will need to make certain that they have sufficient travel/health insurance as the EHIC cover will most likely disappear.

There's been too much scaremongering around the Brexit issue and life will carry on as usual.