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John Debnam-3899

John Debnam-3899

Tennis coach at Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes.
Living on Tenerife since 1986. And still the only Brit to hold a Spanish National Veterans Title in Over 45

Brexit for me personally a sad day. Legally paying taxes and coaching here in Los Gigantes since 1986.
I have worked with players from over 30 countries and all of the EU countries.
My clients in general are self made so Brexit will not really hit them so will have no real impact on my work, but who it will hit will be my nephew and nieces and their children back in the UK.
Also a bit sad with some of the folk living here who voted out and actually work here illegally and so contradict many of the phrases used by the remain group, "people taking our jobs", "foreigners working illegally", which is what they are doing only its here in Spain.