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Building site for a new hotel at La Tejita where activists have taken direct action to stop the construction by climbing the cranes, where they promise to remain until the work is halted. Tenerife, Canary Islands
La Tejita-5215La Tejita-5216La Tejita-5225La Tejita-5232La Tejita-5238La Tejita-5248La Tejita-5252La Tejita-5261La Tejita-5266La Tejita-5281La Tejita-5300La Tejita-5302La Tejita-5315La Tejita-5324La Tejita-5326La Tejita-5342La Tejita-5343Hotel protest, La Tejita-5359Hotel protest, La Tejita-5361Hotel protest, La Tejita-5369

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