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Flowers, plants and botanical specimens photographed in their natural environment, gardens and studio. Close up details and wider environmental images from Tenerife, and a few from Ireland.
Aeonium manriqueorum-4765Aeonium pseudourbicum-5500Aeonium pseudourbicum-5504Santiago del Teide-5040Santiago del Teide-5044Santiago del Teide-5033Santiago del Teide-5153Santiago del Teide-5155Santiago del Teide-5160Aeonium spathucatum-3672Aeonium spathucatum-3975Erjos-3929Agapanthus bud-1576Agapanthus umbellatus-5227Agapanthus umbellatus-5419Agapanthus umbellatus-5423Agapanthus umbellatus-5435Agapanthus umbellatus-5441Agapanthus umbellatus-5450Agave americana-5134

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