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Photography from a walk through the Pyreenean mountains from Ribes de Freser to Besalu, Catalonia, and on to Barcelona, Spain
Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1404Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1411Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1410Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1413Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1415Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1419Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1426Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1433Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1436Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1449Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1452Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1455Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1480Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1465Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1447Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1445Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1471Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1475Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1493Ribes de Freser_Nuria-1503

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