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Team Hallin

Team Hallin

Six rowers set off from San Miguel marina in Tenerife tonight at 20:30 hours in a 40 ft trimaran. They are off to smash the record for an Atlantic crossing from Tenerife to Barbados, currently 33 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Team Hallin are, David Hosking MBE, Justin Johanneson, Naomi Hoogesteger, Chris Covey, Paddy Thomas and Jack Stonehouse.
They are rowing 3,000 miles to Barbados. Skipper David Hoskings commented that they are predicted to make the trip in 32 days 19 hours. As well as smashing the record they are aimimg to raise over 60,000 pounds for Combat Stress a charity that deals with the mental health problems of ex servicemen.
There will be 3 rowing while 3 sleep, in 2 hourly shifts, hoping to keep up an average speed of 4 knots. They are carrying half a ton of food and will consume 6,000 calories each per day and drink 5 litres of water daily.