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Long exposure photographs taken in the National park of Las Canadas del Teide at night, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Full moon walk-3019Full moon walk-3027Full moon walk-3017Full moon walk-3038Full moon walk-3035Full moon walk-3044Full moon walk-3056Full moon walk-3055Full moon walk-3050Eclipse_1-EditDawn-8474Las Canadas-0959Las Canadas-0962Las Canadas-0977Las Canadas-0971Las Canadas-0967Las Canadas-0975Dawn-8469Dawn-8470Dawn-8460

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Keywords:Canary Islands, dark, galactic Core, landscapes, las Canadas del teide, light painting, milky way, moonlight, mountain, national park, night, stars, teide, tenerife, volcanic landscape, volcano